Greeks learn in order to comprehend.
Hebrews learn in order to revere.

~ Abraham Joshua Heschel

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Denyon's Walking!

Well, the big day has arrived! Denyon is walking! Before today, he was only taking a few steps toward us, but wasn’t brave enough to really take off. We knew that he was capable of doing it if he wanted to and today he finally decided it was time. It happened just like that and all of a sudden he decided to walk through our entire apartment. I quickly grabbed the video camera so we captured this special moment. He walked from his room, to the living room, and back again to his room! It was so cool and we’re so proud of him. He was pretty excited himself too. We hope you enjoy watching this special moment by copying this link into your internet browser: (until we can get it figured out, the video is in low resolution). Have a great day!

Shallon & Brad

P.S. Click on the image of Denyon to enlarge!


Pastor Ryan said...

It is so cool to see him walking! know that we miss you and are praying for your time over there. Blessings!

frontrowseat said...

wow. so much for starting off slow! i'll watch for next monnth's video of him doing a triathlon.

The Bogertmans said...

Denyon is getting so big!! We can't wait to catch up with you guys when you get back. Peace to you!