Greeks learn in order to comprehend.
Hebrews learn in order to revere.

~ Abraham Joshua Heschel

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Park & Zoo

After a whole semester of enjoying days at the park, we finally have some proof to show how much fun Denyon has when we go. Whenever Denyon and I go somewhere (like the park), for one of three reasons we usually don’t have the camera: one—Brad has it on a field study; two—I forget to bring it; three—it was broken and we were waiting for our replacement camera to arrive! So, this past week Brad and I went together to the park (only a block from our apartment) and Denyon played around on the equipment for at least an hour. He loves to crawl along the bridges and through the tunnels. He loves to climb up the stairs and peek down the slide, although he’s not brave enough to go down by himself yet. He has to know that mommy or daddy is there to catch him at the bottom, which is actually comforting to me. I’m sure it won’t be long before he whizzes down by himself when I’m not expecting it. The park is so close that we usually make it there every day, even if it’s only for a short while. It’s so nice to be outside here still and Denyon loves to play. Unlike at home where most of the parks are covered with grass, here, the playground sits upon sand. So the sand adds another fun aspect of play to the park.

In addition to time at the park this week, Brad and I, along with our friends Erica and Larry took the kids to the zoo. I mentioned it in an earlier blog but the zoo here is great. Last time we were there Denyon had so much fun watching the penguins, although this time the penguins didn’t put on quite the same show. They weren’t swimming like they were last time. Denyon is getting into making some animal sounds including a lion, cat, dog, and sheep. So, when he saw the lion—he roared, and he “baaaaed” when he saw the sheep at the zoo petting zoo. He tried to hug a goat while his friend Lylah gripped onto her daddy’s leg because she was a little timid. He cracks us up! He also tried to climb up the fence to get into the cage with the bears! He was a long way from success but he still thought he’d try. There was also an exhibit of molekats (sort of like groundhogs) where there were tunnels you could crawl through and then pop your head through clear plastic bubbles right inside the exhibit. It was quite entertaining for the kids and they had fun crawling through the tunnels. Overall, Denyon had a great time exploring the world of animals, much of it riding on top of his dad’s shoulders. I remember riding on my dad like that and loving it…Denyon does too. And both times we’ve gone to the zoo, the next morning the first thing Denyon pulls out to play with are his little stuffed animals. I think there’s definitely a connection!

This is Brad’s last week of school before his trip to Egypt so he’s preparing for finals. We’re already grieving the fact that our friends Erica, Larry, and Lylah will be leaving on Sunday. Denyon has had so much fun playing with Lylah and often says her name with so much excitement! We bless God for these wonderful friends and will be so sad to see them go.

Until next time, seasons greetings!

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